About Us


Founded in 2001 by a group of Erasmus students in Strasbourg,we are the first multilingual participatory magazine, published in 6 different languages. Today, Cafébabel has 250,000 unique visitors a month, 2.5 million page views, more than 50,000 beautiful stories published, 15,000 contributors and a team of professional editors and journalists in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Berlin.

We are a generation who feels at home in Europe; who grew up with the Internet and who often have another language in their cultural baggage. Our vision of Europe puts its people above its institutions. Our Europe is not merely a political project but a participatory playground.

Cafébabel contributes to an innovative European narrative. A generation’s story that is forged by contrasts and commonalities, by friendships and break-ups. A story of fun experiences and fears, of impact and nonsense, of rawness and creativity. Of Europe in real life. Studio.cafebabel is the most recent evolution out of this creative and rich environment.